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Summer Solstice: How are you holding your Light?

Summer Solstice has arrived, and with it, an invitation to sit with the longest day of our year. The most daylight and sunshine. The sensations of fullness, illumination, and clarity. Our dreams and imaginings. Our wonderment. What lights us up and tickles our fancies.

I encourage you to set aside some time in the window of Solstice to review how your year is going, and what energy you are bringing to your balance of life these days. We can tap into the energy of the long days and the extra Light to enhance our own energy patterns.

This is true co-creation: when we use the energies provided by the seasons and earth cycles to attune to and make the desired shifts in our own personal vitality and internal patterns.

Energy Tune-up: A Tool for Summer Solstice Reflection

Take out your favorite journal and pens. Take 10 minutes of quiet solo time.

  1. Honest self-inquiry. How are you consciously CREATING life energy and vitality? Are you doin g enough of what you like and love? What activities, peop;lle, and environments uplift and inspire you? What ENLIGHTENS your spirit? Choose to bring more of the things that bring you ease, pleasure and joy into your daily routine.

2) Simultaneously, review what is DEPLETING you. Where are you leaking energy? What is it time to say buh-bye to? Look at the people, thoughts, situations, tasks, obligations, habits and routines that feel heavy and burdensome, and ask yourself if they can go completely, partially, or even just a tiny bit. Can you replace them with a bit more of what feels LIGHT in your body and mind?

Breathe deeply into this tune-up time, acknowledge any new awareness with gratitude, and then commit to a small or large action taht will amplify your internal energy this season.

Solstice blessings to you all xoxo


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