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Soul Illumination / Therapeutic Coaching

Therapeutic Coaching sessions are offered virtually. They incorporate an integrative psychotherapy approach with a focus on taking action. The intention is to support you to build increased awareness on a soul level, and then to integrate your wisdom into a conscious action plan.

Soul Illumination / Therapeutic Coaching


Soul Illumination / Therapeutic Coaching supports clients to increase their awareness on a soul level and to then take aligned action in their lives.

A typical session will include exploring where you are at on a body, mind, and soul level, and then reviewing and/or upgrading resources and tools so you can take soul-aligned action to live your best life. We will use our combined intuitive gifts, creativity, and the tarot when called to it.
I will be drawing on my 27 years as a licensed therapist (now retired), and the multiple trainings + modalities I have studied for decades, as well as the ongoing soul work I do via Jungian analysis, somatic /energy healing, shamanic + earth-based studies.
I love working with folks in this capacity. Coaching sessions are 1 hour in length, held virtually.
Schedule your session by emailing me at or texting me at 651-434-0466.


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