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About Pamela

Pamela Kowal, M.S., MFT Emeritus, Healing Practitioner

I have spent the past 30 years in the healing arts. I recently retired from my 27-year career as a licensed marriage + family therapist so that I can pursue more creative and soulful approaches to providing healing services. In all that I offer, I use a soul-centered framework to support clients on their evolution of consciousness, and to take inspired action from their deepest soul alignment.
I believe in the wholeness of a person. I co-create a healing experience with you by inviting in the mystery of life as well as science-based techniques, energy medicine, earth-based practices, and a creative/artistic perspective. My intent is that clients will create the capacity to more clearly remember their Soul’s innate wisdom and then bring it forward to live their fullest expression. 
I will support you to learn + amplify your own toolkit of spiritual and soulful practices, as well as to build a team of professional helpers so that you can lean into multi-dimensional modalities of growth throughout your life span.
I am trained + certified in multiple modalities of healing and am involved in my own ongoing study in earth-based and shamanic techniques, the Tarot + archetypes, systemic thinking and healing, trauma-informed therapies, and Jungian analysis. I am an intersectional feminist, a social justice advocate, and a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community. I am doing my own deep evolutionary work alongside you.

Pamela's Professional Licensure & Expertise

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