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Winter Solstice: A Simple Practice

We are getting closer + closer to the longest night in the northern hemisphere, December 21. On December 22, the light begins to return. It is a slow return, a time to support a deepening into quiet and inner reflection. The next few weeks will continue to hold darkness and night. The light takes its time in its return to us. 

The soul invitation of this season is to spend time with the dark, in quiet, with our shadows. To befriend them. To understand how they can work with us to ultimately shine more of our light into the world. 

Here’s a small practice: 

I invite you to light a candle on the Winter Solstice and imagine the immense spark of Light that is YOU… here, at this time, in this world, on this planet. Be in awe. Be in gratitude.

Then pull out your favorite tarot or oracle deck, shuffle, and ask it these questions, pulling a card for each one. 

  • 1. What does my shadow want me to see + know now? 
  • 2. What can my inner light reveal to me about what’s ahead?
  • 3. How can I best integrate my shadow + my light in the season ahead, for my greatest good? 

Let each card speak to you. What are the symbols, signs, imagery, colors, and energies that capture your attention? 

Let the cards speak to each other. How are they working together for your greatest good? What energy do they hold for you? What is their encouragement? How are they supporting you for what’s ahead? 

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and feel into the messages received. When you open your eyes, focus on your candle once again. Take another deep breath. 

Now let yourself imagine Light shining into the dark parts of our world. Imagine blessings of brightness connecting us all as we journey into 2023 with fresh possibilities.

May it be so. Blessings on us all xoxo 


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