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Halloween: Tools for Between-Times

Hello dear ones…

Another gorgeous autumn is wrapping up here in the Midwest. As we shift out of harvest and into hibernation, I invite you to make time to reflect on what you need for the weeks ahead. 

Halloween /Samhain /All Hallow’s Eve is a shadowy, mysterious time to access deeper personal + ancestral wisdom. It’s a time review what has worked for you and what has worked against you.

What types of support, psychic containers, and resources are NOW needed to hold you + your intentions? 

Are you accessing your inner wisdom as well as the magic inherent in the cosmos?  

I invite you to refresh your toolkit.

What do your body, mind, and spirit need to stay steady and vibrant? Consider walks in nature, conscious breathwork, acupuncture, body/somatic work, meditation, journaling, dancing around the house, earthing practices, and any other modalities that can support your nervous system to be regulated, strong, and healthy in this transitional season. 

One of the spiritual tools I’ve used since 1994 is the Tarot.  It has been an invaluable spiritual tool for me in the years since, helping me to connect a deep relationship to my intuition. 

Soon, I will be offering Tarot Consultations as a new service. 

Tarot Consultations: Love Letters For Your Soul will be another way for you to delve into your inner knowing and to expand your personal growth work. 

There will be more changes coming in how I offer tools, hope, inspiration, and illumination. My blog will be active soon so you can learn how you might want to work with me in new ways. In my Solstice newsletter, I will share more specifically about my changes in the year ahead and what to expect.

At Winter Solstice, I will also share a Tarot Consultation special to ignite your 2023 in an empowered way.

 Think Gift Cards for yourself and the magical beings you love!

In the meantime, why Tarot? 

  • It is a spiritual tool steeped in centuries of archetypal wisdom 
  • It’s a great way to combine psychological work with soul work
  • It supports us to build a stronger relationship to our intuition
  • It’s a wonderful shadow work companion 
  • It helps people connect to + trust their own inner compass
  • It’s a vehicle to move stagnation and increase possibilities to take action 
  • It enhances our creativity + artistry 
  • It provides fresh perspectives and a grander view of life patterns + potential.  

May this season find you reflective on your evolution over this past year, and with spaciousness to refresh your spiritual toolkit for the season ahead.


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