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Spring Equinox: A Season of Bridging

We have arrived at the Vernal /Spring Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere. This is our moment to reflect on Balance, as it is equal time day and night. 

What do you need in order to recalibrate your life? What yearns to be created from the compost of your past? What would support you to feel more regulated and balanced in your daily life? 

In addition, we are wrapping up our astrological year, and beginning the new. Saying good-bye to dreamy Pisces (water) season and all the lessons of the past year… and preparing to step into the active energy of Aries (fire). We are ready to spark a new cycle of living, experiencing, and creating!  

To prepare for a fresh cycle or year, I have a number of practices that support me. Perhaps you will find a couple of them helpful as you review your own routine and uplevel the techniques + practices that hold who you are becoming this year. 

Favorite Practices this Time of Year 

  • Baths = Fill your tub with epsom salts and essential oils that support you to clear and cleanse. After 20 minutes of soaking and reflection, drain the tub while you are still in it. While the tub is draining, speak aloud or in your heart all that you are releasing, surrendering, and letting go of. Keep going until the tub is drained and you feel clear. When you towel off, use extra special lotions and oils to anoint your body and announce that you are fresh again. You are cleansed and cleared for all the goodness Life wants to live through you. You are protected, supported, and ready to receive what your soul most needs in this next cycle of life. And so it is! 
  • Journal + Tarot = Set aside 30 minutes to write on the following prompts.
    • What is ready to be released fully and completely from my past? 
    • What is calling my attention and energy in the season ahead?
    • What energy/energies will help me to bridge the old with the new? 

  Pull a tarot or oracle card for each question and see what other awarenesses come through for you. 

  • Grief Playlist + Hope Playlist. I curate two playlists; one of songs that make me cry or release sadness, grief, disappointment. The other is of songs that inspire me to create, energize, and lean into hope. The act of pulling these playlists together is cathartic in itself. Then I do breathwork, yoga, or dance to the Grief Playlist. I may have to do that a few days in a row. I know when I feel cleared and then I switch to the Hope Playlist and do the same for the next few days or until my cells and mind feel lighter. Stay tuned to your body with each practice – what does your body most need? Where does your breath go? How does that stretch or movement feel? What emotion is it connected to? 

Letting Go 

This Pisces season really hit me with the feels. My dreams were extra intense and it took me a long time each morning to process them and return to ‘real-time.’ They were infused with messages and themes, mostly about letting go of the past. 

I’ve been working with forgiveness since the last full moon… forgiving myself for doing the best I could at different ages and stages of my life. Forgiving myself for the times I am too fiery or too flakey. Forgiving myself for not acting from integrity at times when I was too activated and not doing the inner work I needed to be doing. Forgiving my partner for being human and certain family members for not understanding me. Forgiving myself for not saying no and holding boundaries when I should have. Forgiving myself and the collective for the past three years of chaos and deconstruction, while still not really seeing the way forward. 

Friday I saw a coyote capture and kill a turkey in our backyard. It was a completely unforgettable and intense moment. The brutality of it. And yet, while struck with awe, I could hold the bigger awareness that this is the cycle of life. 

What needs to be killed off next? Am I the coyote or the turkey? What do I need to nourish myself, and what do I need to protect myself? 

Today a shift happened and I can feel in my bones the movement from reflection and releasing… into the fire + light of renewed action. I don’t know what that looks like specifically yet, but the energy is there. 

My job is to make the space for it. To create the structures + containers that can hold what wants to be sparked and lived next. What wants to begin. 

Hence, what disciplines, practices, and boundaries need to be implemented and upgraded to hold who I am becoming next? 

You’ll find me dancing my Hope Playlist for the next few days, sitting with the space and the questions. 

Spark + Soul Wellness 

Our new baby, Spark + Soul Wellness, is coming along beautifully. We have a logo and design elements, and the website is under construction. The first level of programming is being created. It has been pure joy to work with my best friend and to reclaim this part of myself and our friendship. I am so excited to share all the goodness with you this fall. 

Therapy, Coaching/Consultation

And in the meantime, I continue to love working with my therapy and therapeutic coaching/consulting clients. I am finding that the renewed creativity in one area of my life is seeping delightfully into the others. 

Thank you all for inspiring me with your steadfast commitments to personal growth and evolution. Your work ripples out to so many. Keep on, dear ones! 

Blessings of hope, renewal and Balance on each of you Xoxo



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