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Love In All Its Forms

Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in Love. – Rumi 

I do have a fondness for the month of February. I remember my mom sending me and my college roomies chocolates and red undies (Go Badgers!) for my first Valentines away from home. Both of my grandmothers and both my favorite uncles were born this month. And I got married February 27 in Maui eight years ago. ❤️ 

In spite of the consumerist focus of the month, I’ve grown to think of February as the “Boost Your Love” Month.  I view this time of year as a soulful invitation to love ourselves more fully, love our friends out loud, love our partners without attachments, love our families and communities with more truth and fierceness, and to love Life with radical acceptance. 

It seems that part of the Revolution is to learn how to show up in the flow of Love, no matter what. How can we love ourselves enough to go against our colonization and cultural conditioning to stand for what is true in our hearts? How can we rest instead of hustle? How can we extend more kindness and compassion to ourselves and all human beings? How can we lovingly stand up for truth in situations that we are not being understood or supported by others?

This is your reminder that accessing radical acceptance and Love for your self – all parts of you – is the best way to infuse this world with more Love. Your internal work will absolutely impact the world around you.

With all these Love vibes happening, it seems the perfect time to offer up some soul wisdom to support you on your Love path. 

I have opened 10 mini tarot readings for February. I offer them through email, and they will be delivered to your inbox by mid-February. 

You can choose from the following options: 

  1. What can I do to love myself and my life more radically? How can I uplevel my self-love? 
  2. What do I need to know about the current state of my relationships and how to deepen + expand them? 
  3. How can I prepare myself for the love of my life? 
  4. How can I heal from past relationship hurt and open my heart to a new beginning? 

Readings are all three-card spreads, and cost $66. You can email me to reserve one.

My tarot readings are a way to help you bridge your soul knowing to your conscious self. They are intended to empower you to live from your own truth in ways that make you feel more aligned and awake. Tarot is an ancient art and wisdom tool for soul evolution. I am a certified Professional Tarot Consultant. 

Blessings of an abundance of love on us all xoxo 


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